Past Season 

Year Director
Pirates of Penzance 1954 Charles Wall
The Mikado 1955 Charles Wall
The Gondoliers 1956 Charles Wall
Iolanthe 1957 Malcolm Donald
The Sorceror 1958  
Merrie England 1959 Mervyn Jewell
The Gypsy Baron 1960 Mervyn Jewell
The Rebel Maid 1961 Mervyn Jewell
The Vagabond King 1962 Mervyn Jewell
The Mikado 1963 Mervyn Jewell
The Merry Widow 1964 Mervyn Jewell
White Horse Inn 1965 Mervyn Jewell
The Desert Song 1966 Mervyn Jewell
The Yeomen of the Guard 1967 Mervyn Jewell
Brigadoon 1968 Mervyn Jewell
Orpheus in the Underworld 1969 Mary Clark
Kismet 1970 Mary Clark
Tom Jones 1971 Dennis Coote
The Gondoliers 1972 Dennis Coote
The Merry Widow 1973 Madge Hewitt
Carousel 1974 Madge Hewitt
Merrie England 1975 Madge Hewitt
Fiddler on the Roof 1976 Madge Hewitt
Summer Song 1977 Madge Hewitt
My Fair Lady 1978 Madge Hewitt
The Sorceror 1978 Johnie Johnson
Waltz Without End 1979 Madge Hewitt
Oklahoma 1980 Madge Hewitt
The Mikado 1981 Bill De Lacey-Adams
Half a Sixpence 1982 Chris Darlaston
Hello Dolly 1983 Chris Darlaston
Trial by Jury 1983 Hazel Harris
Brigadoon 1984 Chris Darlaston
Kiss Me Kate 1985 Chris Darlaston
Showboat 1986 Chris Darlaston
Calamity Jane 1987 Chris Darlaston
Cabaret 1988 Chris Darlaston
Pajama Game 1989 Chris Darlaston
Robert and Elizabeth 1990 Chris Darlaston
West Side Story 1991 Chris Darlaston
Anything Goes 1992 Sue Cheshire
The Sound of Music 1993 Chris Darlaston
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 1994 Sue Cheshire
Barnum 1995 Chris Darlaston
The Pirates of Penzance 1996 Sue Cheshire
Fiddler on the Roof 1997 Chris Darlaston
Guys and Dolls 1998 Sue Cheshire
Me and My Girl 1999 Chris Darlaston
Andy Capp 2000 Sue Cheshire
On The Town 2001 Darren Kitchin
Oklahoma! 2002 Chris Darlaston
Oliver! 2003 Sue Cheshire
Calamity Jane 2004 Darren Kitchin
Annie 2005 Chris Darlaston
Little Shop of Horrors 2006 Sue Cheshire
South Pacific 2007 Ken Hitchings
Sweet Charity 2008 Craig Hewlett
Hello Dolly 2009 Emma Hitchings
The Mikado 2010 Peter Nolan
My Fair Lady 2011 Ken Hitchings
Thoroughly Modern Millie 2012 Chris Darlaston
The Sound of Music 2013 Ken Hitchings
A Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum 2014 Sue Cheshire
Oliver! 2015

Ken Hitchings

Sister Act 2016

Darren Kitchen

Year Director
Hansel & Gretel 1979 Mary Clark
Cinderella 1980 Ken Hitchings
Aladdin 1993 Peter Nolan
Dick Whittington 1994 Peter Nolan
Jack and the Beanstalk 1995 Peter Nolan
Magic Wands & Buttons 1996 Mike Hennesy
Sleeping Beauty 1997 Peter Nolan
Snow White 1998 Eddie Goddard
Mother Goose 1999 Ken Hitchings
Puss in Boots 2000 Ken Hitchings
Babes in the Wood 2001 Peter Nolan
Aladdin 2002 Peter Nolan
Peter Pan 2003 Peter Nolan
Humpty Dumpty Rules OK! 2004 Peter Nolan
Sherlock Holmes and the case of Dick Whittington's Cat 2005 Craig Hewlett
Cinderella 2006 Craig Hewlett
Jack (& Jill) and the Beanstalk 2008 Craig Hewlett
Frankenstein the Panto 2009 Stuart Whitman
Aladdin 2010 Craig Hewlett
Beauty and the Beast 2011 Darren Kitchin
Snow White 2012 Craig Hewlett
Sleeping Beauty 2013 Craig Hewlett
Dick Whittington and his Cat 2014 Craig Hewlett
Humpty Dumpty 2015 Peter Nolan
Cinderella 2016 Craig Hewlett
Junior DODS
Year Director
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat 1983 Melissa Jones
Follow the Star 1984 Vera Connor
Bugsy Malone 1985 Sandra Mayo
1066 And All That 1986 Sandra Mayo
The Boyfriend 1987 Frankie Telford
Wizard of Oz 1988 Frankie Telford
Dracula Spectacula 1989 Frankie Telford
Tin-Pan-Ali 1990 Steve Hall
Drake 1991 Frankie Telford
Guys and Dolls 1992 John Knowles
Hidden Meanings 1992 Darren Kitchin
Free As Air 2001 Laura Cooper
Our Day Out 2004 Chad Staddon
Youth Showcase 2005 Chad Staddon
No Business like Show Business 2006 Chad Staddon
Wizard of Oz 2007 Darren Kitchin
Youth Showcase 2007 Ian Hamilton, Stuart Whitman and Julia Prince
The Scriptures According to Junior DODS 2008 Ian Hamilton, Stuart Whitman and Julia Prince
Bugsy Malone 2009 Stuart Whitman and Julia Prince
A Party Political broadcast on behalf of Junior DODS 2010 Julia Prince
The Junior Songbook 2011 Julia Prince
Godspell 2012 Darren Kitchin
NOW! That's what we call Musicals '60  2013 Darren Kitchin
A Night at the Movies  2015 Julia Prince & Helen Desoisa
GREASE  2016 Laura Cooper
Year Director
Ring Around the Moon 1968  
A Civil Marriage 1968  
Wanted One Body 1968  
Queen Elizabeth    
Slept Here 1969  
Hiss the Villain 1969  
Lady Audley's Secret 1969  
The Unexpected Guest 1970  
The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew 1970  
The Miser 1971  
The Business of Good Government 1971  
Boeing Boeing 1972  
Wild Goose Chase 1973  
Lord Arthur Savilles Crime 1973  
Nude with Violin 1974  
Hotel Paradiso 1975  
An Italian Straw Hat 1976 Mary Clark
Under Milk Wood 1977 Mary Clark
Write Me a Murder 1978 Chris Darlaston & Chris Curnock
Dry Rot 1979 Chris Darlaston & Chris Curnock
Shop at Sly Corner 1980 Chris Darlaston & Chris Curnock
Murder in the Cathedral 1981 Mary Clark
Man Alive 1981 Doug Batchelor
Spring and Port Wine 1982 Doug Batchelor
All My Sons 1983 Doug Batchelor
The Royal Pardon 1984 Andy Jaggard
Bedroom Farce 1985 Ken Hitchings
When We Are Married 1986 Ken Hitchings
Habeas Corpus 1987 Ken Hitchings
Rebecca 1988 Ken Hitchings
One Way Pendulum 1989 Sue Cheshire
Mayerling 1990 Mike Lyons
Local Affairs 1991 Ken Hitchings
Maurice Dancing 1992 Mike Lyons
Farndale Ave. Macbeth 1993 Ken Hitchings
Plaza Suite 1994 Doug Batchelor
Outside Edge 1995 Mike Lyons
Hobson's Choice 1996 Frankie Telford
Blue Remembered Hills 1997 Frankie Telford
A Lady of Letters 1997 Frankie Telford
Murder at the Vicarage 1998 David Harris
Barefoot in the Park 1999 Darren Kitchin
Ten Times Table 2000 Frankie Telford
Groping For Words 2001 Frankie Telford
On The Piste 2002 Darren Kitchin
Mixed Doubles 2003 Stewart Penney
The Proposal 2003 Peter Nolan
Murder in the Cathedral 2004 Mary Clark
Allo Allo! 2005 Ken Hitchings
The Importance of Being Earnest 2006 Frankie Telford
Habeas Corpus 2007 Stuart Whitman
Blood Brothers 2008 Peter Nolan
California Suite 2009 Chad Staddon
Fawlty Towers 2010 Chris Darlaston
The Hollow 2011 Frankie Telford
Calendar Girls 2012 Darren Kitchin
Wyrd Sisters 2013 Jalea Ward
The Vicar of Dibley 2014 Emma Hitchings
DADS Army 2015 Jalea Ward
Twelfth Night 2016 Craig Hewlett


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